Technical field services provided in cooperation
with Palsatech Oy and Geovisor Oy

Kati service
Our service include other field studies that are often associated with initial ore prospecting studies. We provide field services together with Palsatech Oy, a company producing field services within the mining industry, and Geovisor Oy, a company providing geophysics and rock mechanics services.

Palsatech Oy

Palsatech Oy is our long-standing, Finnish partner that prepares sites for drilling and provides high-quality core sample research, processing and logistic services.

Geovisor Oy

Geovisor Oy is our partner for geophysical surveys. Geovisor provides high-quality geophysical and rock mechanical studies, installations and information services.

Planning ore prospecting or mining? We give you comprehensive service packages

As our customer you can select the services you require or choose a comprehensive turn-key service package. This allows you to reduce investments in machinery and allocate freed resources for other purposes.

Monitoring soil and bedrock conditions

Projects related to monitoring soil and bedrock conditions, such as piezometer, inclinometer and extensometer installations are some of the services we provide in tight cooperation with consulting enterprises.

Technical & research services of our partner network in brief

  • Geochemical sampling
  • Geophysical ground and aerial survey
  • Field preparations for drilling
  • Geotechnical processing of core samples
  • Sample storage and logistics
  • Rock mechanical installations