Our goals

We aim to provide a wide range of drilling and surveying services responsibly, listening to our customers’ needs. 

We want to ensure a safe workplace for all our staff and the safety of others in a shared workplace. Our goal is a workplace where accidents do not happen. Our philosophy is that all accidents are unnecessary and avoidable.

Our goal is a well-being person during and after their career.

We minimise our impact on the environment in line with the principles of sustainable development.

We continuously strive to improve and develop our processes to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our business.

In cooperation with occupational health, we want to ensure that all employees have a workplace where their mental and physical well-being is protected.


  • We set new HSEQ targets and update them regularly.
  • We work closely and interactively with well-being professionals.
  • We regularly monitor and measure the well-being of our staff, the state of the company and its operations.
  • We use the findings collected to continuously improve our operations.
  • We are strengthening our expertise by developing equipment and services that are driven by customer needs and responsibility.
  • We design and manufacture our drilling equipment, contributing to issues that are important to our company, such as environmental responsibility and safety.