Financial responsibility: values and related measures

  • Paying our taxes properly is how we create wealth in society. 
  • We are one of the biggest employers and tax payers in our municipality
  • We provide livelihood and well-being for employees and other stakeholders.
  • We are a major local employer in our municipality and also employ people in other parts of Finland.
  • We offer a performance-based annual bonus to all our employees.
  • We promote equal and fair pay throughout our organisation.
Long-term profitability
  • We look beyond cycles and want to do profitable business now and in the future. We invest a large part of our profits back into our company to remain competitive in the future.
  • We maintain long-term relationships and customer satisfaction with the aim of mutual benefit rather than short-term maximized returns.
  • We continuously develop our services in a customer-centric way to maximize the value added for our customers.
  • We carry out regular financial reporting and actively monitor cost developments and react quickly when necessary.
Work efficiency
  • Efficiency brings both financial results and value to the client’s project.
  • We focus on cost-effective logistics on and off site.
  • For example, we optimise the export of off-site recyclable waste to coincide with the rest of the site’s transport, with a ‘take on the go, bring on the return’ approach.
  • We ensure cost-effective operation through active and proactive checks, maintenance and replacement of equipment and machinery.

Financial responsibility
actions for

We were the second-largest corporate taxpayer in our municipality.

We employed 10 more people than in the previous year.

for the future

Moderate growth and improved profitability enable investing back into business.

Development of internal processes and systems.