The values of environmental responsibility and related measures:

Environmental considerations in innovation
  • We produce new solutions to minimise the environmental impact of drilling.
  • We are replacing traditional solutions  with electric ones in our drilling machines to reduce oil consumption.
  • We build our drilling equipment ourselves to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and safe to work with.
  • We continuously collect information on our practical work and possible areas for improvement.
  • We improve current practices to better meet our customers’ needs.
Reducing water use
  • Our closed-loop system takes environmental friendliness in drilling to a whole new level.
  • The system has earned us the Environmental Contribution of the Year Award in 2013.
  • The system can help in obtaining exploration permits in highly sensitive areas.
  • The closed-loop system reduces the amount of water used by recycling, and the drill cuttings that is separated from the water used for drilling can be packaged and transported away.
Reducing the carbon footprint
  • In several projects, we have been able to halve the carbon footprint of our operations compared to conventional drilling.
  • Our drilling and working machines use EURO5 low-emission engines to control emissions.
  • We use bio-hydraulic oil instead of fossil hydraulic oil. Biohydraulic oil is made from renewable raw materials and is biodegradable.
  • To minimise emissions and electricity consumption from heating our properties, we have replaced oil heating with wood-based heating and emission-free electricity.
Minimising environmental impacts
  • In the field, we use vehicles with tracked chassis to leave as little footprint on the environment as possible. We also make artificial snow to protect our driving routes.
  • We take into account site-specific natural values, such as any endangered animals or vegetation. To minimize tree cutting, we always choose the least environmentally damaging routes when we start work.
  • After we finish, we carefully clean up any traces and waste from the site. Waste from the process is utilized, sorted and recycled. This is also an economical solution, as recycling is cheaper than using mixed waste. Drill cuttings produced in drilling process is recovered and transported out of nature. 
  • We prevent potential damage to the environment and the need for major repairs of both drilling and construction equipment through preventive maintenance and servicing.
ESG reporting and communication
  • We report the carbon footprint of our business as a whole and on a project basis.
Environmentally friendly materials and working methods
  • We use only bio-hydraulic oils and greases in our machines.
  • We also invest in electrical solutions for our machinery instead of oil-based solutions. To reduce oil consumption in our oil-based machines, we reduce the amount of oil used, while reducing the risk of spills.
  • Our machines are equipped with spill trays to prevent possible spills into the environment.
  • By regularly and reasonably renewing our equipment, we improve its efficiency. Newer machines are more quiet and therefore less harmful to the environment and animals. 
  • Before replacing equipment, we optimize the life cycle of existing equipment and extend the life cycle of equipment through modernisation and renovation.
  • Drilling and working equipment are regularly inspected and maintained so that potential risks are detected early and corrective action is taken. This ensures the well-being of both the environment and the workers.

Environmental Responsibility Actions for 2023

We launched a project-specific emissions calculation for drilling to determine the carbon footprint.

We reduced the fuel consumption of drilling machines by replacing auxiliary heaters with electric ones.

Objectives for the future

We will continue to systematically reduce and offset emissions to minimise the carbon footprint of our operations.

We will renew our drilling machines and other tools as necessary.

We will further improve the maintenance process of our drilling equipment.

We will continue to improve the efficiency of our purchasing process to reduce the number of transports and thus reduce emissions from transport related to the purchasing process.

We will introduce solar energy in the electricity generation of our premises so that up to 15% of the electricity consumed in our premises will be generated by solar energy.

The percentage of bio-based fuels and lubricants used in buildings is at least 30% in 2024 and 50% in 2025.