Avalon Minerals

Avalon is an Australian listed company that concentrates on gold, copper and lithium sites located in the Nordic region. In 2016 KATI completed a drilling contract for Avalon that comprised approximately 3,000 metres in the Municipality of Somero in southern Finland. Drilling was performed with drill rigs compatible with the terrain that leave little traces in nature.

The services of KATI’s partner, Palsatech, were also well-suited for Avalon’s requirements. Palsatech transported core samples to Palsa Centre in Kemi, where geologists and geotechnicians logged the samples. Avalon employees also used the facility for inspecting rocks. After processing the samples were left in the same place for storage.

“We were very pleased with the operation of KATI’s drilling machinery in the terrain and the work performance of its employees. Our drilling project went very fluently: we issued a drill hole programme for KATI and everything was completed like a breeze. It is quite clear KATI knows how to operate in the wilds, as the tasks were conducted without any real damage to the environment. We have witnessed how KATI is competent at operating in the forests of southern Finland and the fell highlands of northern Sweden, places where we have also conducted exploratory drilling. We will gladly use KATI’s services for future projects.”

Ray Robinson
General Manager
Avalon Minerals