Geophysical surveys are a collection of geophysical data and methods which are used in the research of ground, rock and natural material. In principle geophysical surveys are normal physical measurements in which physical variation of ground’s features are utilized. Ground’s features are for instance magnetism, gravity, electrical conductivity, polarizability of the matter, thermal conductivity, radioactivity and elasticity of the matter. The measurements can be implemented on ground, air or water. Geophysical surveys have many applications in geology, archaeology, mineral and energy exploration, oceanography and engineering. The surveys are used in industry as well as for academic research. A practical example is ore prospecting: geophysical surveys are made before mine is established.

Measurement of naturally occurring fields (passive) or the observation obtained from artificial sources (active) can be exploited in geophysical surveys. An example of the former is a vibrating wave caused by an earthquake and of the latter an earth radar. The radar observes the propagation of the wave emitted by the device and its reflection from the ground’s structures.

Different types of geophysical surveys

Geophysical surveys can be implemented in a variety of instrument and method techniques developed for varying research needs. Research needs include surveys of different objects, starting with the measurement of individual rocks, and the survey of surface lands, all the way to deep oil deposits or study of earth’s crust. However, the same geophysical method is applied differently in different size classes. Geophysical methods are used in studies of air, ground and drill holes and they play a key role in finding and exploiting the Earth’s energy and raw material resources. We at Oy Kati Ab are specialized in the field services of Mineral Exploration and studies of the ground related to it.

Types of geophysical surveys:

  • Seismic method
  • Seismoelectrical method
  • Geodesy and gravity techniques
  • Magnetic techniques
  • Electrical techniques
  • Electromagnetic method
  • Borehole geophysics
  • Remote sensing techniques

Targets of geophysical surveys

One the main target for geophysical researches is to survey an area for further research. The goal is to defect deviations from normal natural background and indicate deviating objects. Geophysical surveys are also used to study materials, such as the measurement of different structural layers of road or a survey related to the bearing capacity of the ground. The ground and material properties often vary much. Furthermore, geophysical researches are used to survey the variation of ground’s property in general.

Geophysical surveys are non-destructive and one clear advantage is eco-efficiency. The researches themselves consume little energy and materials, and there are most often no traces left in the terrain so surveys are environmentally friendly.

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