Looking after the environment begins at the employee level

We train all our employees, tidy drilling sites and use biodegradable hydraulic oils when performing our tasks. We sort our waste, transport fuels with the utmost care, and recycle whatever we can. The KATI rigs have naturally been designed to leave as few traces as possible in the environment. In addition, we are constantly creating and developing new methods that are even more eco-friendly.

Diamond core drilling using an award-winning closed circuit system

For a number of years we have used the closed circuit system we ourselves developed, a system that brings eco-friendliness to a whole new level. This award-winning system can help the granting of an ore exploration permit in very sensitive areas. The water consumption of the closed circuit system is significantly reduced by recycling and the solids separated from the drilling water can be packed up and removed from the site.

For us diamond drilling means constant enhancement of quality

We see quality as sticking to agreed schedules, implementation of task goals in accordance with the customer’s instructions, consideration for worksite specific risks, and the uniform quality of work performance. We make assurances that our drill rigs are in excellent condition and core samples are clean. We also guarantee quality by 24/7 supervision and effective communication of any deviations occurring at the site.


Safe work is the first priority

Even the best results is not OK if it comes for the price of human health. For that reason we want to create conditions where safe work is appreciated and practiced. We do our best to offer our employees top notch equipment, as comfortable working environment as possible and a safe way to work.

To maintain and develop work safety we are using our Occupational Health and Safety system which is sertified according to ISO 45001 standard.

Diamond drilling with respect for the environment: KATI's work safety, quality and environment policy

Our company’s mission is to provide drilling and measurement services with a broad selection of services quickly, reliably, safely, in an eco-friendly manner and by listening to the customer’s requirements.

The core samples or data pertaining to the soil and bedrock we deliver our customers is representative, provides a truthful understanding of the conditions from which the sample or data has been acquired. We offer a quality guarantee, which ensures customer satisfaction and loyal customers.

We build our drill rigs ourselves, which enables us to influence the principles we feel are important, such as eco-friendliness and occupational health and safety. in particular, we aim to identify all potential risks, minimise these risk and improve work ergonomics. Working in this way we will cause as little harm to the environment, terrain, flora and waterways as possible.

Occupational health and safety activities aim ensure a safe workplace for the entire personnel as well as to secure the safety of others in the shared workplace. Our goal is a workplace where accidents do not occur. According to our thinking, all accidents are unnecessary and preventable.

The system focuses on providing all employees a workplace where their mental and physical functional capacity is safeguarded regardless of exposures and stress.

The ultimate goal is to have a healthy and satisfied individual during and after their career.

For implementing our company’s goals, we are committed to continual improvement, e.g.

  • We are always gathering information about practical tasks and possible areas for improvement
  • Improving current practices to increasingly cater to the needs of customers
  • Strengthening specialised expertise
  • Continually developing new ways of working and new solutions

Our management system complies with the regulations of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001 that are certified by DNV GL.