Even the harshest wilderness
is a delicate ecosystem

As KATI develops ever-more innovative techniques there is a genuine commitment to environmental values and a desire to achieve the greatest success for our customers.

In 2004, KATI was the first Nordic drilling contractor to be awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate. We are aware that caring for the environment starts with the individual. We educate our staff, keep our drilling sites tidy and use bio-degradable hydraulic oils. We sort our waste, dispose of fuels responsibly and recycle. We also use the latest techniques.

For a number of years, we have been drilling for the Anglo American mining company using our own closed-cycle system. It takes environmentally-friendly drilling in particularly delicate areas to a new level: the amount of water consumed is minimised through recycling and both the water used in the drilling and the residual rock waste removed from the water can be collected and removed from the site. As a result, in 2010 KATI received the Anglo American Exploration Groups Safe Discovery Award. In addition, our exemplary occupational safety record has led the company to make KATI its primary contractor in Finland.

Closed cycle – groundbreaking product development

In some areas, environmental requirements pose major challenges. We have developed a method based on the so-called closed-cycle principle, which can help obtain prospecting permits for sensitive areas.

Closed system

The closed-cycle principle in diamond drilling. International patent pending.

This method collects and separates the fine aggregate extracted from the hole with sluicing water. It is recovered for removal from the site, leaving fewer traces of prospecting in the landscape. Moreover, the water is re-circulated to the hole, which significantly reduces the water consumption of the drilling process: the closed-cycle method uses up to 75% less water than traditional drilling. This reduces the need for transporting water into areas where it is difficult to obtain sluicing water.

Environmental policy

1. KATI is committed to maintaining the principles of sustainable development in all of its activities by continuously monitoring environmental goals and their implementation, as well as by defining new goals on the basis of the evaluations.

2. KATI strives to minimise any and all harmful impacts of its activities on the environment, landscape, flora and waters.

3. KATI is committed to the prevention of environmental damage and strains to develop machinery and working methods towards minimising environmental loading, as well as to diminish the amount of waste and to intensify its recycling.

4. KATI informs the authorities and associated parties, and the general public when necessary, on the environmental effects of its operations. The qualifications of the employees are developed in order to increase their awareness of environmental issues, and in order to prevent environmental damage.

5. KATI is committed to complying with the legislation and statutes prevailing in its field of operations, as well as to maintaining and developing the level of environmental protection.

6. KATI has introduced an environmental management system complying with the ISO 14001 standard.